Find missing .DLL files on the internet

Written By Unknown on Monday, June 23, 2008 | 10:07 AM

A user complained that when he attempts to open a program, he gets an error message saying that a .dll file is missing. He wanted to know what could be done about that. Since I did not have time to take his call on the air, let me do it right here.

The letters dll stand for dynamic link library. These files contain code that might be used by several programs. Rather than include the code in each program, it is kept in a single file. The programs access the code when they need it.

If the .dll file is missing from an application, try reinstalling the program. That's usually a quick fix.In the caller's case, the missing file apparently is from Windows. If this suddenly happened, the file may have been accidentally deleted. Or, it could be corrupt.

Reinstalling Windows is a hassle. Before doing that, I'd go to the Web and track down another copy. There are many sites on the Web that offer .dll downloads.
Here are two:

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