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Wi-Fi Without Routers on XP!!!!!!!!!!

Written By Unknown on Thursday, March 6, 2008 | 11:04 PM

Here is a short guide to help have the benefits of a wifi router without actually having it on Windows XP.

1. Go to Control Panel -> Network Connection.
2. Right click on Your Ethernet connection and click on “Properties”.
3. Go to “Advanced” Tab.
4. Check “Allow Other NEtwork….. Internet Connection”
5. In the Drop down Below select the Wifi connection of your pc. If it is disabled, it will be showing your wifi connection already.
6. Click on “Settings”
7. Check the protocols you need to share. Jamal has explained on them.I normally use only http and https.
8. Click on “Ok”.you reach the network connection page. The sharing part is now over.

1. Click on Start -> Run
2. Type in cmd in the Run prompt
3. In the new window type “ipconfig /all” and press enter.
4. Note down your DNS server ip address from the screen.

1. Go again to Control Panel -> network connections.
2. Right click on your WIFI connection and click “properties”.
3. Go to”Wireless Network” Tab.
4. The “use windows to configure my wireless network connection” should be checked.
5. In the preferred network connection section click on add button
6. Enter a name of your wish to the network name.
7. Network authentication is “open”
8. Change Data Encryption to “Disabled”
9. Check the “this is a computer to computer …. not used” connection.
10. Click “Ok”.
11. Click on general tab. select “internet protocol(tcp/ip) and click on properties button.
12. Now type in ip address, in subnet mask, leave default gateway empty.
13. Fill in the DNS server entry which you had noted down earlier.
14. Click on “OK” and your network is set.Your network should appear on the wifi network list now. Search for wlan on your phone. Connect and enjoy browsing on your phone.
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Run multiple yahoo messengers in same pc..

Want to Run multiple yahoo messengers in same pc..???
Go to Run command by clicking Start Menu
Type Regedit
Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USERExpand Software
Expand Yahoo
Expand Pager
Expand Test
Right Click on the Right Side pane of Registry Editor.
Click Dword in popup Menu
Enter the Name PluralThere will be a key defined with a value Nothing
Double Click the Plural and Enter the value 00000001Now You can Run multiple yahoo messengers in same pcExample is given below[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\yahoo\pager\Test]"Plural"=dword:00000001
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Broadband speed from dial up network

Broadband speed from dial up network
Download Tweak from Here .

  • Install tweakmaster pro.
  • den copy & paste the blue coloured patch file to program folder usually C/PROGRAM FILES/ TWEAKMASTER PRO.
  • Now run it by double clicking. dont press anywhere.
  • Now close all other open windows including program folder. Also close tweakmaster by rt clicking on tray icon on rt corner of ur desktop
  • Den only click on patch.. it ll say patching done successfully.

Using Tweakmaster to speed up ur connection to MAX..!!

  • Open it by double clicking tweakmaster.
  • click connection optimiser.
  • click next.
  • select ur connection type.
  • if u use gprs den select "wireless connection".
  • select 1st stratagy , den click next n lastly apply. ur pc will reboot.
  • now feel the difference. if dont see much improvement den again follow these steps n select next stratagy.
  • follow this untill u get max speed.
  • Now again open tweakmaster. select DNS ACCELERATOR.
  • Enable both options. set update daily. In Host list add the names of all those sites u access daily like "" or ""
  • open link fox. similarly add names of all those sites u access frequenly.

enjoy surfing.....!!

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20% Faster Internet Connection

A nice little tweak for XP.
Microsoft reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes (suspect for updates and interrogating your machine etc..)
Here's how to get it back:
Click Start-->Run-->type "gpedit.msc" without the "This opens the group policy editor.
Then go to:Local Computer Policy-->Computer Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->Network-->QOS Packet Scheduler-->Limit Reservable BandwidthDouble click on Limit Reservable bandwidth.
By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection, but you can use this setting to override the default.
So the trick is to ENABLE reservable bandwidth, then set it to ZERO.
This will allow the system to reserve nothing, rather than the default 20%.
This made my net connection fast as hell.
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So here we GO >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Right-click Your Gtalk Messenger shortcut on your desktop.
  • Click Properties.
  • Select The Shortcut Tab.
  • You will see A Target TextBos with: “c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe” /startmenu.
  • Change the Text to “c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex.
  • Click Apply and OK. to close the window

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NJOIIII~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Stealing passwords in LANs. Dis article is all abt daStealing passwords from LAN.
Requirement:: CAIN(from, a computer with ethernet card, and a LAN(obviously!)
Working Principle::
  • Install CAIN.
  • Now after installation start it.
  • go to the configure option in menu bar and in 'SNIFFER' tab choose 'start sniffer on startup' and in 'APR(Arp poison routing)' tab you can fake your ip and mac address .
  • Start sniffer by clicking a 'PCB' symbol next to the open button on the toolbar.
  • Now in the main pane go to 'Sniffer' and press the '+' button in the toolbar.
  • A window will popup select your range and select the 'All tests' option and click ok.
  • A list of available hosts is printed.
  • Now go to the APR tab in the lower part of the list pane.
  • Then go to DOS Prompt, type 'ipconfig /all' without 's and note down the ipaddress of the gateway.
  • Select the your target and the default gateway from the list and choose Start.
  • Let the app do its work. The whole communication is filtered/routed (sniffed) through your computer.
  • While you were ARP Poisoning if the target entered any password which was directed to the default gateway the password will be logged.
  • You can check the password in the PASSWORD pane.


  • Do not misuse.
  • CAIN can be only installed if you have administrator on the system.
  • The local passwords will not be logged, only the passwords and usernames exchanged between the targets is logged.
  • If you have a switched network some exploits or a simple DoS attack on the device could make it behave like hub this activity is possibly detectable.
  • The thoughts and whole written are my own, and in anyway I am not responsible for any kind of harm by this tutorial.


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New cookies stealing from mozilla firefox !!!

New cookies stealing from mozilla firefox to hack gmail or orkutHacking orkut or Gmail.
With the Help of Cookies or by stealing cookies of the victimBy going through this post i hope you will understand how easy has hacking become with the help of cookies.
By this post you'll be learning cookie stealing and Hacking orkut Or Gmail account.
Procedure to hack gmail or orkut through mozilla by stealing cookies:-

  • Firstly you need have Mozilla firefox.
  • Download cookie editor plugin for Mozilla firefox.
  • You need to have two fake accounts to Hack Orkut or Gmail , So that you have to receive cookies to one Orkut account and other Orkut account for Advertising your Script, Well it depends on your Choice to have Two Gmail(Orkut) accounts
Cookie Script:

How to use cookies script?
1. Replace your number " UserId.value=33444211 "
How to Replace your Number ????
1. Go to your album
2. Right click on any Photo> Properties>55886645.jpg
It will be a Eight Digit Value.
3. Now replace your value with the value in the java script .
4. Now Your script will look like

5. Now send this Cookie script to the victim and ask him to paste in Adress bar and Press enter
6. You'll Get his cookie in your scrap book
7. After Getting a cookie go to your orkut Home page , Then clik on Tools tab and then go to cookie editor plugin( Tools--> Cookie editor)
8. click filter/refresh.look for 'orkut_state' cookie. just double click it and replace the orkut_state part with your victim's Scriptput ur eight digit number in the place of (33444211).

Thats it your done With.
Logout of your orkut and login again and you'll be in your victims Homepage.
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Hacking MSN

A small trick ll worked for me hence posting it here Hacking MSN is actually VERY simple.
Msn is designed to route the connection through a microsoft server while you are chatting.
However, when a file is sent, a DCC (direct connection) is created.
This was purposely done because otherwise microsoft would waste alot of bandwidth so a direct connection is made.
This is your chance. Make a file transfer occur between u and a victim (try to send a big file), open up your command prompt (run "cmd" in NT/XP or "command" in 9X to get into prompt) and run netstat.
Usually the MSN targets IP would be above port 2000.
Enjoy. If u recieve some crap like gux1-43. as the target, do a reverse DNS lookup on it. However, this occurs very rarely, mostly u will recieve a clear IP.
Once u have d IP u can do anything with him by Fingerprinting.
U can protect yourself from this occurring to you by using a proxy with MSN (under connections panel in options).

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Spreading viruses by IP !!!

Itz so simple trick u just have to........
  • Download virus file from HERE .
  • send it to victim ..
  • He must run it ..
  • Go to telnet ..-->run > telnet ..type oin type ip address .. of the victim ..then if entered correctly would ask for username and password ..
  • Enter username :-administrator , password :- hack

u r in the victims PC ..
now u can control his PC using DOS commands !!!!

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Magic Password Stealer !!!

Be very carefull with this software.. it is a trojan.. and if u want to use this u hav to disable your antivirus and then open it and set it properly and then it will create a file and that file u should not open.. u hav to send it to your frnd and the password will be sent to you when he opens it.. and if u do something wrong your own password will be sent to you.. and next time please dont ask for hacking softwares.. thnx.

password - 123456
username - samjohny4u

Download Magic Password Stealer frm HERE
Enjoy :D
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Hacking 100% [ Don't Misuse It ]

Hey hackers !!!!!
I hav got many requests for a way to hack email accounts. many just wanna play with ur frenz. here comes ur software.
This is a keylogger. If u use it properly, it sends all ur fren's text input to u or logs the text onto the computer. Plz avoid using this for illegal purposes. If u misuse are some instructions
  • Try to get the manual from the website of Perfect Keylogger or findthe help file after u finish installing the keylogger
  • BE VERY CAREFUL when installing the keylogger. If u install it with the wrong settings, it will use some funny configurations and stay on the computer forever so make sure u install it properly. Unless u configure it properly, it will hog RAM and slow ur comp.
  • I have no idea on the details of using this thing. therefore, i would advice all of us to get the manual from the website before attempting anything.
  • For whatever consequences ur actions may lead to, neither me nor this community is responsible. U are using this programme entirely at ur own risk and watever happens, me and the community are not responsible.

Perfect Keylogger Download it from here----- Keylogger -----

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Make ur mobile no as "NO. DOES NOT EXIST"

though it works bt not sure coz sum of my frnds r nt able to do it n its only 4 airtelMake ur mobile no as ~NO. DOES NOT EXIST~
Have you ever noticed that sometime you got call from ur mobile service providerlike airtel , idea n hutch but when you did call to that no.
U got that no. doesnt exist!!
Here is a simple trick to do this with ur no. and you can make fool to ur friends first bytaunting them with continous misscalls n then switch ur no to not exist as i do sometimes.
ITS an simple divert trick which was known by few out there.
  • Go to Divert column of ur mobile no. which will be diff. for diff. models.
  • Activate Divert for all voice calls. (If ur mobile have facility to divert a particular no. then its more better. in case only divert from that particular no. whom u wana make fool)
  • In dstination divert no enter this magic codeCode.
  • Select all 0000 without n

thats all :D

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Here comes FREE GPRS For ur mobiles only

A 100% working trick in all india with the Contribution of AV2006So now i think i should reveal this one for all of my USERS, so that they can browse in there mobiles100% free of cost including all secure sites at speed of light (But only browsing no downloading :
All you have to do is:~!~ Goto , From wap orDirect download @ 145kband Download there Browser ... Remember its for Midp 2.0 handsets only .
In case If you have Airtel live only then dont worry i have a Free download link for you too!~ Install it in your mobile n select Airtel live Paid profile (Yes original 30paisa/20kb profile) n start browsing :
So hack is if you browse through TEAshark then u'll not charged For your DATA .
O ! Yes its free from teashark but remember its only WEB-BROWSER not WAP BUT for what i am here???? idea . Within Teashark make a bookmark of n Use it for all Wap-sitesAt same speed as surfing directly 8-)
At present this browser is in alpha stage so it have lots of problem n bugs too including LOGIN problem butsoon when they'll release its stable version thn we have lot of more features to enjoy more free gprs nHope downloading too ..................!!!
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Free sms frm cell....

Type: IM R yournameSend to 8888example IM R sumitsend to 8888.
okthan u will receive sms .
u be will charged 3 Rs.for one time only for registration.
now i u want to send sms to ur friend for free.
suppose ur friend number is 9896098960 than go to create message type 8888919896098960.
u will not be charge ,enjoy i have tested on delhi and haryana network.
Note:- For std number dont apply zero before number.
Dont forget to hit the reputation button.
(this trick may not work in maharashtra)
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Use free internet using Airtel Mobiles !!!

How to use free internet using Airtel Mobiles Requirements:
------>A mobile with GPRS Modem
------>A new AIRTEL SIM Proceedure:
Send a message by typing " MO to 2567" now u will recieve the settings and save them Now Send a message by typing "INTERNET ON to 121" and now u will recieve a message of conformation.
Switch off and switch on u r mobile now u r phone is ready for using internet This service charges RS.15/- per 24hrs to stop internet type "INTERNET OFF to 121" The main Cheat is here "See that u r balance is not more than RS 10 then Airtel will not deduct any amount for the service" Recharge u r mobile every month with RS 99/- such that u will get RS 0 and a validity of one month U can enjoy internet with a speed of 128kBPS when the mobile is connected to system via Datacable or Blue tooth.
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