New cookies stealing from mozilla firefox !!!

Written By Unknown on Thursday, March 6, 2008 | 10:17 PM

New cookies stealing from mozilla firefox to hack gmail or orkutHacking orkut or Gmail.
With the Help of Cookies or by stealing cookies of the victimBy going through this post i hope you will understand how easy has hacking become with the help of cookies.
By this post you'll be learning cookie stealing and Hacking orkut Or Gmail account.
Procedure to hack gmail or orkut through mozilla by stealing cookies:-

  • Firstly you need have Mozilla firefox.
  • Download cookie editor plugin for Mozilla firefox.
  • You need to have two fake accounts to Hack Orkut or Gmail , So that you have to receive cookies to one Orkut account and other Orkut account for Advertising your Script, Well it depends on your Choice to have Two Gmail(Orkut) accounts
Cookie Script:

How to use cookies script?
1. Replace your number " UserId.value=33444211 "
How to Replace your Number ????
1. Go to your album
2. Right click on any Photo> Properties>55886645.jpg
It will be a Eight Digit Value.
3. Now replace your value with the value in the java script .
4. Now Your script will look like

5. Now send this Cookie script to the victim and ask him to paste in Adress bar and Press enter
6. You'll Get his cookie in your scrap book
7. After Getting a cookie go to your orkut Home page , Then clik on Tools tab and then go to cookie editor plugin( Tools--> Cookie editor)
8. click filter/refresh.look for 'orkut_state' cookie. just double click it and replace the orkut_state part with your victim's Scriptput ur eight digit number in the place of (33444211).

Thats it your done With.
Logout of your orkut and login again and you'll be in your victims Homepage.