Jonathan James:

Written By Unknown on Friday, April 11, 2008 | 5:02 AM

Jonathan James (born 11 May 1981), full name Jonathan Nicholas William James, raised in the university-town of Uppsala. Jonathan is an IT security professional, but is also a recognized music producer in the pop and hiphop genre (signed to Bonnier Music Group). His music production credits include music for San Quinn, Ya Boy, Shade Sheist, Redrum, D.N.A., The Jacka, Ron G and more.

In 1999 James released a software-package which guarded computers against backdoors and trojans like NetBus and Back Orifice. Later that same year he released Cassandra Gold, which could detect and remove the top 25 backdoors and trojans. Cassandra Gold was well received with a user-base of some 25 000 including the US Air Force, NASA, the U.K. Patents office.

In 1999 he collaborated with the FBI and Richard M. Smith (as well as Fredrik Bj?rck) in the hunt for the author of the Melissa worm, contributing to the conviction of worm-author David L. Smith.

Later, in 2000 Mr. James contested the findings of Fredrik Bj?rck (at that time, a computer-science researcher at Stockholm University). Bj?rck claimed that the ILOVEYOU worm was written and spread by a German exchange-student by the name of Michael living in Australia.
Bj?rck's accusation led to the confiscation of Michael's computers. James then began investigating the worm origins together with the FBI. The investigation concluded that the worm originated from the AMA Computer University and that Onel A. de Guzman was a contributing author of the worm. The findings later contributed to the arrests of Onel A. de Guzman and Michael Buen.

James founded an IT-security consultancy, which he later left due to dissent with the investors. He is currently finishing his degree in Education and political sciences as well as lecturing, developing strategies and tools for intelligence gathering purposes.