Make ur mobile no as "NO. DOES NOT EXIST"

Written By Unknown on Thursday, March 6, 2008 | 9:55 PM

though it works bt not sure coz sum of my frnds r nt able to do it n its only 4 airtelMake ur mobile no as ~NO. DOES NOT EXIST~
Have you ever noticed that sometime you got call from ur mobile service providerlike airtel , idea n hutch but when you did call to that no.
U got that no. doesnt exist!!
Here is a simple trick to do this with ur no. and you can make fool to ur friends first bytaunting them with continous misscalls n then switch ur no to not exist as i do sometimes.
ITS an simple divert trick which was known by few out there.
  • Go to Divert column of ur mobile no. which will be diff. for diff. models.
  • Activate Divert for all voice calls. (If ur mobile have facility to divert a particular no. then its more better. in case only divert from that particular no. whom u wana make fool)
  • In dstination divert no enter this magic codeCode.
  • Select all 0000 without n

thats all :D