Hacking MSN

Written By Unknown on Thursday, March 6, 2008 | 10:13 PM

A small trick ll worked for me hence posting it here Hacking MSN is actually VERY simple.
Msn is designed to route the connection through a microsoft server while you are chatting.
However, when a file is sent, a DCC (direct connection) is created.
This was purposely done because otherwise microsoft would waste alot of bandwidth so a direct connection is made.
This is your chance. Make a file transfer occur between u and a victim (try to send a big file), open up your command prompt (run "cmd" in NT/XP or "command" in 9X to get into prompt) and run netstat.
Usually the MSN targets IP would be above port 2000.
Enjoy. If u recieve some crap like gux1-43. primus.com as the target, do a reverse DNS lookup on it. However, this occurs very rarely, mostly u will recieve a clear IP.
Once u have d IP u can do anything with him by Fingerprinting.
U can protect yourself from this occurring to you by using a proxy with MSN (under connections panel in options).